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Wake Up America the New Media Network Headlines with Star Power

Programming Anchors and Hosts are leaders in Business, Sports, Comedy and Entertainment.

Topics range in interests for Boomers to Millennials.

Wake Up America, an Internet Television Network based in Scottsdale, AZ, will provide news, political commentary and lifestyle programming to a national audience. A number of local and national experts are scheduled for the network’s programming. Wake Up America is a positive network structured as an online media channel that gives its viewers a voice with its dynamic, intellectual and constructive programming. It first broadcast airs on September 4-7, 2014 as a streaming Web-A-Thon featuring distinguished guests and subject matter experts from many fields and interests for Boomers to Millennials.

Will Head, CEO and Founder, says that Wake Up America hosts’ expertise and subject matter are the structure that makes the network so exciting.

“We wanted to gather folks from a wide range of interests and topics. Subjects that Americans want to learn about, discuss and get involved,” Head noted. “I think we’ve succeeded beyond our dreams. Many of these individuals are recognized in their fields as experts. And, most importantly, who want to share that knowledge.”

The currently scheduled hosts (in alphabetical order) are: David Blackledge, Clarissa Burt, David Cogan, Dianemarie (DM) Collins, Russ DeVan, Tara Beth Dondas, Dan Durney, Andrew Fischer, Erika Frantzve, Don Hannah, Jerry Iannacci, Nick Lowery, and Pat Wetzel.

HD Broadcast AZ based in Scottsdale has been selected to provide the streaming/broadcast needs for this national Internet Television Network. The studio also provides Live-Shot services for national programs when experts and politicians are either visiting or based in the Phoenix area and are interviewed live for any of the major networks including CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, Bloomberg, ABC, CBN, Fox Sports, The Blaze, and FOX and FOX Business networks via the internet system from their studio.

A brief description of each hosts bio is listed below.

1. David Blackledge – a graduate of the Sandra Day O’Connor School of Law, David began with a career as in the technology industry. David will talk about legal issues in starting a new business, venture capital and other legal issues.
2. Clarissa Burt – Actress & Super Model – from The Never Ending Story 2 to more than 150 global magazine covers for Cosmopolitan, Vogue, Glamour, and TV Guide +more, Clarissa Burt has one of the most recognized faces in the world. Clarissa has even served in the Italian Parliament – plus she is the lifestyle and fashion editor for several major magazines. Her segments on Wake Up America will include fashion, cosmetics, lifestyle and Europe.
3. David Cogan (serial entrepreneur having started multiple successful businesses and now the founder of Eliances), along with Donald Hannah (served on the board for several publicly traded companies, a finalist for Inc. Magazine’s Entrepreneur of the Year. Don is also building a new cruise line.) and new company CEOs – a roundtable discussion of technologies soon coming to a store near you.
4. Dianemarie (DM) Collins – host of The DM Zone, DM is a seasoned performer having appeared on/off Broadway as a singer/dancer/actress. The DM Zone is an entertaining program featuring interviews with interesting, creative people.
5. Russ DeVan – coach, motivational speaker and founder of Success By Design, Russ has been in demand with top corporations for many years. Russ is also the President of Wake Up America and will do his show on American values.
6. Dan Durney, Robby Wagner and a team of comedians – look for Stand Up America to deliver great comedy bits throughout every day of programming for Wake Up America. These comedians headline comedy clubs like The Improv, comedy festivals and corporate events worldwide.
7. Andrew Fischer – ‘Fish’ is the trainer for PGA professionals including 2 Time Masters Winner Bubba Watson and has appeared on The Golf Channel. Fish will talk about fitness, diet, exercise and improving your golf game on Wake Up America.
8. Erika Frantzve – a former Miss Arizona (2012), Erika is now a model and also works as a host at, one of Forbes’ Top 100 Websites for Women. Erika will provide a youthful perspective on many of today’s hottest topics.
9. Jerry Iannacci – Jerry’s career began to really grow when he was assigned to help manage the U.S. Secret Service Federal Task Force in Washington D.C. Jerry Iannacci is an internationally recognized published expert in homeland security, financial crimes, safety and document forensics. Appointed by Senator John McCain, Jerry is now further serving our military and is the Volunteer CEO of Operation American Patriot a non-profit that aspires to help Veterans and their families past and present. His segments will be all about veterans’ needs.
10. Nick Lowery – Hall of Fame NFL Kicker with the Kansas City Chiefs and philanthropist with The Nick Lowery Foundation – will talk about youth, Native Americans, education and bullying on Wake Up America.
11. Pat Wetzel – founder of The Anti-Cancer Club, Pat’s focus with Wake Up America is to share medical trends in the area of cancer treatment and explore new alternatives that help improve the connections for cancer patients with their friends and family.
12. Tara Beth Dondas – a talented singer, dancer and songwriter, Tara also worked with Property Wars on the Discovery Network. Tara will be focused on segments on the arts for Wake Up America.

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