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How To Get Your Story Told In National Media: Hits Media on Bloomberg TV, Washington Post & Huffington Post

When we connected with Greg Nickolson, the Founder and CEO of, our team at HD Broadcast AZ was impressed with their story of the 401 Play Plan.

Unused vacation days at 40-year high – Arizona Company Offers Technology Solution

The U.S. Travel Association has announced an “unprecedented effort to motivate American workers to use more of the paid time off they have earned,” which could funnel $160 billion in travel spending to support 1.2 million jobs. And more businesses are beginning to see the benefits of vacation time as Arizona-based Outski introduces employers to a brand new Employee Benefit: The 401 Play Account.

“True business leaders see the value of vacations for their employees in increased performance, efficiency and reduced stress,” said Greg Nickolson, Founder and CEO of Outski. “Employers give them time off and encourage them to take it. Companies like Netflix and Virgin are exploring unlimited vacation time as a benefit to attract and retain employees.”

Arizona Expert Contributor
Greg Nickolson
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Interview on Wake Up America Media Network:

In addition to Bloomberg Television and his feature segment on “Bottom Line,” Greg was also profiled in the Washington Post and will be featured in an upcoming Huffington Post feature.

Feature Article in the Washington Post

About Outski, Inc.:

Founded on the belief that people should be able to travel and explore the world in order to experience what life has to offer, Outski is dedicated to helping anyone achieve a better work-life balance in a financially responsible manner. Outski’s technology combines aspects of a social media site, travel site and online bank into a unique platform designed help consumers achieve life goals related to travel by reducing the cost of travel, helping them to plan, save for and purchase travel, and to share and coordinate their goals with friends and family. In order to achieve a full-featured platform, Outski has partnered with companies such as Visa, Discover, Expedia, Amazon, Viator, G Tours, Sutton Bank, and Carnival Cruise Lines, and in May 2014, Outski debuted its online platform and iPhone app at TechCrunch Disrupt in New York.

401(play)™ is a registered trademark of Outski, Inc.

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