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Virtual Sets Add Production Value For The Wake Up America Media Network

HD Broadcast AZ did over 30 hours of studio greenscreen production for Wake Up America to shoot the opening segments of several of their shows – Size Matters with Host Kneko Burney, Millenials Rock with Host Erika Frantzve, Just for Kicks with former NFL Star Nick Lowery, FishFit with Andrew Fischer – Bubba Watson’s Fitness Coach, The Eliances Roundtable, and The DM Zone with host Dianemarie Collins – just to name a few of the productions.

Wake Up America Media Network wanted to add production value to its look & feel, so virtual sets were definitely the way to go for this network. Shot in our greenscreen studio in Scottsdale, Arizona, the lighting was all done with LED color balanced lighting, broadcast audio equipment, JVC HD Professional cameras, and mixed through a NewTek TriCaster.

For your next production, why not consider the added production value of a customized, virtual set? Contact to book your video production.

WUA Final Videos 1

WUA Final Videos 6

WUA Final Videos 8

WUA Final Videos 16

WUA Final Videos 24

WUA Final Videos 36

WUA Final Videos 44

WUA Final Videos 51

WUA Final Videos 52

WUA Final Videos 63

WUA Final Videos 64

WUA Final Videos 67

WUA Final Videos 73

WUA Final Videos 108

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