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Scottsdale Cub Scouts Take Over The Set At HD Broadcast AZ

cubscoutsHD Broadcast AZ hosted Tiger Cub Scouts from Scottsdale, Arizona to help them fulfill the requirement of “How I Tell” of their Tiger Cub Badge. “How I Tell” today was all about how we broadcast video and tell the story through Arizona expert contributors – and we showcased a lot about our studio including the LTN Global system which allows HD Broadcast AZ to send our 1080i HD signal back to NY City in approximately 200 milliseconds. Then we placed the kids on our greenscreen with a Newsroom set where the Cub Scouts assumed the roles of weatherman, newscaster and sports commentator. As you can tell by the photograph, the kids really enjoyed their outing to our studio.

Thanks for taking my call this morning and for your willingness to let the
boys tour your studio. I’m sure they will really enjoy the visit, and it
will fulfill a requirement for their “how I tell” achievement of their tiger
cub badge.

Our tiger cub den consists of a dozen boys of about 6 to 7 years of age, so
it will be a high energy visit. They will have to come by some time after
3:30pm since they are all in school, unless you prefer they visit on a

Please let us know what days and times would best work for you.

Thanks so much!

Altina Scholl (Oliver’s Scholl’s mom).

Our den leader is Gerard Prosnier.

HD Broadcast AZ works with numerous schools and colleges in our area – providing mentoring and internship opportunities to allow kids to learn broadcasting in a real live network studio environment. To see how your school program could work in a private/public partnership with HD Broadcast, send Doug Collins an email at [email protected]

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